400 wins . . . and counting!


By John Hummer

Doug Richardson

Doug Richardson is a dedicated coach. He has been the Napoleon Lady Pirates softball coach for 16 years. His dedication to the school and team has paid dividends in bringing a perennial Cascades Conference championship contender, or at least a competitive team, to area high school softball diamonds.

This, his 16th season, has brought a landmark win to his legacy. Last Tuesday, May 29, in the district preliminary games versus Hanover-Horton, Richardson recorded his 400th career coaching victory with the Pirates. Do the math. That’s 25 wins a season. That is good.

To top it off, his Lady Pirates won their fifth district championship in six years. It was the team’s 10th district championship on Richardson’s watch.

“That’s a tribute to the talent that comes through our school,” he said of those numbers. “Districts aren’t easy to win.

“My philosophy has always been we’re here to win and to learn as the season goes on and try to get as good as you can get by the end of the season. If we win a lot of games in the process of all that, it’s a good feeling.”

Richardson said he didn’t have a goal to get to 400 wins.

“It’s a milestone I never expected to reach. I’ve just been out here to have fun coaching. I really enjoy it. If I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t do it.”

When asked if he would go for 500 wins, Richardson laughed and replied, “That might be a few years off. We’ll just play it out. As long as I’m enjoying it and having fun, I think I’ll stay with it.”


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