A walk into elegance . . . and a tradition enjoyed years ago




Frank Bolak escorts Marge Reed of Onsted to tea.


By Maggie Bilby


Friends of Walker Tavern

On Wednesday, July 12, 2017, the Friends of Walker Tavern hosted their first ladies tea. Guests were escorted in by white-gloved butler Frank Bolak, who announced their entrance.

Attendees were treated to a delectable luncheon of mini croissant sandwiches, asparagus wraps, a vast array of fresh fruit and veggies with dip PLUS assorted desserts. Of course, the ladies enjoyed snappy peppermint, tangerine orange or regular tea throughout their meal.

Nancy Serlne, Frank Bolak and Celeste Smallwood enjoy each other’s company during a ladies tea sponsored by Friends of Walker Tavern.

A program was presented by Laurie Perkins, Walker Tavern Site Historian, from the Michigan History Museum in Lansing, on a Michigan History Museum’s Quilt Collection.

For those who missed the tea, check Walker Tavern’s 2018 schedule (available in 2018) for the next opportunity to attend a tradition people enjoyed for centuries, now available in your own backyard.

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