Addison valedictorian to major in nuclear engineering at U-Michigan


By John Hummer

Robert Look III

Some people like to study big things. Not Addison’s valedictorian Robert Look III. As a matter of fact, he prefers the smallest possible thing to study – the atom.

He will be attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor this August and plans to major in nuclear engineering.

“I decided to major in that, because, while I like the whole mathematical and scientific concepts of engineering, I was always kind of fascinated with how much energy that we can harvest from basically one atom that’s so small that we can’t even see it with most of our microscopes,” he says. “That always struck my fancy as being something unique to study.”

Robert is the son of Robert II and Patty Look. He grew up as a “lake kid” living on Lake Somerset.

“It’s a beautiful lake. We used to go boating out there all the time,” he said. “Actually, we still do now.”

Robert has one sister, Chelsea, 26, who is married with no children yet.

When asked how he managed to pull off a 4.32 grade point average, Robert said, “When you get an ‘A’ in an AP (advanced placement) class, that’s definitely going to help a lot.” He said he took all the AP classes the school offered and earned A’s in all of them.

“Over the years, that’s helped me build up my GPA so much.”

Robert is a serious student in every sense of the word, with a deep thirst for learning.

“I dedicated time to actually understanding the material, instead of just simply looking at the material,” he said. “A lot of that stuff you can’t get away with memorizing and doing well in the class. You can’t really memorize a lot of stuff in mathematics without really understanding it. If you really want to succeed in a class and help your GPA and look good for a college, you have to dedicate time to actually knowing the material.”

Robert credits AP biology teacher Aaron Wesche for some of his academic success.

“He kind of added the discipline aspect to the AP class,” he said. “As a freshman, it was a little bit rough in dealing with that. Eventually, I was able to kind of figure it out and just go along with it and understand his teaching style.”

Robert gave math teacher Andrew Kubish credit for instilling in him the need to actually learn the material.

“He really stressed the whole idea behind understanding the material instead of just memorizing it.”

Robert was a member of the National Honor Society and did a lot of volunteer work, particularly helping with the school’s blood drives. He was also a tutor for some math classes.

Robert participated on the boys’ varsity bowling team all four years of his high school career and was co-captain his last two years.

As for his complete high school experience, Robert was happy with the time of his life spent at Addison High School.

“It was kind of fun – I met a lot of new people here,” he said.

Addison High School
Class of 2018 Top Ten

Robert C. Look III – GPA 4.3200

Ashley L. Smith – GPA 4.0617

Eva R. Marshall – GPA 3.9871

Alyssa L. Harsch – GPA 3.8963

Siera R. Camacho – GPA 3.7791

Caleb B. Christensen – GPA 3.7776

Catherine M. Mayfield – GPA3.7366

Osten F. Eschedor – GPA 3.7030

Tara M. Beyer – GPA 3.6528

Myranda L. Clough – GPA 3.6160

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