Brooklyn raises sewer, water rates


An average user will see approximately $27 increase


By Matt Schepeler

The cost of running water and flushing toilets has officially gone up in the Village of Brooklyn.

Following the advice of a consulting firm, village officials hiked rates at their April 9 meeting with little debate.

The village council received a detailed report on the financial state of the water and sewer systems from Andy Campbell, a CPA for H.J. Umbaugh and Associates out of Okemos in March, and the news was not good.

The CPA noted that the reserves that the village has been using to pay its bills has been depleted, and prices need to be adjusted not only to pay expenses but to replenish the depleted reserves.

Citing an average use of 4,000 gallons per month for a typical customer, water rates will be going up about $7 per customer. On the sewer end, the same customer’s fee would increase around $20 per month. Village president J.B. DeJeu noted that “if you use more water, it will go up more. If you use less, it will be less.”

The water rate was set at $0.00435 per gallon with a readiness-to-serve fee of $22.75 a month. The sewer commodity rate was set at $0.00505 per gallon and a readiness-to-serve fee of $40 per month. It is noteworthy that this rate/fee schedule will be consistent for all customer classes, whether it be commercial, single or multi-family, or industrial. In addition, all dwelling units would be charged equally, regardless of the number of bedrooms; all customers would receive a commodity charge for both water and sewer; charges by connection or meter size would be abolished, and rates/fees for commercial customers would pertain to each business location.

The resolution passed unanimously. The rate hikes will kick in June 1.


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