Columbia fire barn to host Health Fair Open House


By Matt Schepeler

How healthy are you?

Would you like to lose a few pounds? Have you been wondering about different health issues that crop up as you get a little older?

Are you considering a diet and exercise program, or wanting to find an expert for a health consultation?

When it comes to our health, it often seems that asking one question can lead to three more. Seeking answers on the internet can often only lead to confusion, and many people think that there is no one locally that can answer their questions.

However, there are many qualified groups, organizations, and individuals right here in the Brooklyn-Irish Hills area that is looking out for our health, and some of them will be gathering together June 16 at the Columbia Township fire barn to answer questions.

Rosa Creech, a diabetes care specialist with NovoNordisk Inc. and Columbia Township Fire Chief Scott Cota are working together to bring some of these professionals together to share their wisdom and help get residents pointed in the right direction.

“Chief Cota came to me and asked if I could help put something together at the fire station,” said Creech.“At the time we weren’t sure what it was going to look like, then we sat down and brainstormed. What we came up was a community health fair, and the idea grew from there.”

The two have known each other for a long time and know how important sharing of knowledge can be. “He is always asking me questions about diabetes because he has to deal with that issue so often,” she said.

From her perspective, Creech wants to bring something to the community that raises awareness of the fitness opportunities that are available right here. “I hear people say ‘I didn’t know the fitness center had classes.’ They will say ‘where do you take Yoga?’ or ‘Where can you take cardio-drumming?’

“It is right here in our community,” said Creech, who, besides being a diabetes care specialist is a licensed Zumba and STRONG Instructor at the Columbia Community Fitness Center.

That lack of awareness can be frustrating. “How are people not seeing [these opportunities]? How are they not aware that these programs are available?

“There is a disconnect in this community,” she said.

From Cota’s perspective, he wants to promote health. His department is often the first to respond when health crisis’ occur, and he sees the need for more education.

When Cota approached the township board last month to get permission to hold the health fair at the township hall, he stressed that there is a very real need to get residents and resources together.

“Good health has always been important to me,” said Cota. The board agreed and gave unanimous consent to use the township fire hall for the event.

Cota and Creech have since put together an event that should appeal to people of all ages and fitness levels.

“We have so much available right here,” said Creech, from doctors to diabetes experts. “People in our community just don’t know about them. It would be nice to have them represented right here in Brooklyn.”

The CTFD Community Health and Fitness Open House will be held at the township fire barn on Saturday, June 16, from noon to 4 p.m. It will feature the Columbia Medical Center, Henry Ford Allegiance Endocrinology-Diabetes officials, the Columbia Community Fitness Center, the Region II Area Agency on Aging and more.

“There will be a wide variety of topics. People can learn about stroke awareness, heart attack awareness, to the importance of having physicals,” said Creech. There will be pre-diabetes screening, experts on diet and physical fitness.

Visitors can learn about free programs at Henry Ford Allegiance. There will be a 90-minute Zumba event, paddleboard Yoga, Cardio drumming and even an obstacle course.

“People will learn that they don’t have to go to Chelsea or Ann Arbor to take fitness classes. We have amazing instructors right here, and classes that are very affordable.

“You can take care of yourself right here at home.”

The health fair is free to the public, but visitors are encouraged to bring a donation, either a canned good or monetary donation, for the Brooklyn Food Pantry.


  1. Gordon Bernstein

    June 15, 2018 at 5:53 pm

    It’s not a Barn unless there are horses to pull the pumper. Fire Station please.

    • Matt Schepeler

      June 16, 2018 at 9:07 am

      OK, Gordon. Consider ourselves corrected.

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