Down Memory Lane

Ellen Enders celebrated 94th birthday with five generations


Enders birthday photo


On June 16, family and friends celebrated Ellen Enders’ 94th birthday. Here the birthday girl is pictured with JoAnn Russ, daughter, top left; next to her is Rob Young, grandson; in the front on the left is Ellen Enders and next to her is great-grandson Sean Young.



Family photo

Back row, from left to right: Micah Townsend, great-grandson; Andrea Townsend, granddaughter; Alexander Royalty, great-grandson; Nell Royalty, daughter; and Jonah Townsend, great-grandson. Middle: Zoe Townsend, great-granddaughter. Seated: Ellen Enders; sitting on lap, Bentley Royalty, a great-great-grandson.

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