Exponent Attic, volume 2


Ten years later, the much-anticipated Exponent Attic Volume 2 is in print and being sold at The Exponent office.

The first volume, which sold out, was published in 2006 after approximately a year of research and gathering what was, up to that time, the rarest and most unusual information, and images of the Brooklyn-Irish Hills area.

“I always try to find the lesser known pictures,” said author Dan Cherry. “Personal photographs are usually one-of-a-kind and not all postcards were mass-produced. While some familiar photographs have been included in this book, my primary goal was to bring to the forefront the private collection items shared by their owners.”

One interesting feature of the book is that it is printed horizontally rather than vertically.


Dan Cherry signs a copy of The Exponent Attic Volume 2. The book features old photos from throughout Brooklyn and the Irish Hills.

“Most images and postcards are horizontal format and some contain details that would be easily lost if reduced to fit a vertical width page,” explained Cherry. “My recent book on the 50th anniversary of Palm Sunday tornado uses this same format and the feedback was positive.”

The project was given the green light last March when Cherry and Exponent publisher Matt Schepeler agreed the time was right to produce a new book. The 225-pages cover Brooklyn and the greater Irish Hills area in southern Jackson, northern Lenawee, and northeastern Hillsdale counties.

For Cherry, writing historical books and columns comes naturally. “We need to understand our past to gain a better sense of ourselves and from where we come. I’ve learned of historical photo collections being thrown out or lost to time and for me, books are a way to help preserve our past, to preserve those images that would otherwise disappear forever.

The question now is “Will there ever be a volume three?”


“New” pictures continue to surface and as things would have it, I digitized about two dozen rare images of the Irish Hills area since this book went to press in November,” said Chery. “Volume two was developed 10 years after the first, and there is plenty of material. Maybe we’ll see what 2026 brings.”

Schepeler agreed. “We have people come into the office once or twice a week still asking for a copy of the original Exponent Attic. People love looking at the historic photos. It gives us a peek into our past, and lets us share a little of it with those who were here before.”

The Exponent Attic Volume 2 is only available at The Exponent, 160 S. Main St., Brooklyn. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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