How low can you go? Plant stolen from graveside



Ron German often visits his parent’s grave for quiet reflection. “Unlike a lot of people, he goes quite regularly to spruce it up,” said his wife, Sue. “That’s his time.”
But last Saturday German was met with a rude awakening. A rose bush that he had planted three years ago near the graves of Ron and Arlone German in Highland Cemetery had been stolen. The only thing left was the stake used for planting it and a hole in the ground. Sue said that they walked the grounds and could find no trace of it. They then checked with the groundskeeper, who said he had not removed the bush.

“We don’t know if kids did it or what. We have no idea,” said Sue.

Since there are no traces of the plant, it is reasonable to conclude that someone took it to plant in their yard.
“Ron was quite upset,” said Sue.


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