Irish Hills Roots series in second season


Members of the Emergency Bluegrass System perform during the Irish Hills Roots & String Music Series at Jerry’s Pub Jan. 12.

By Jeff Steers – Exponent editor

Sitting in his favorite easy chair at one of the many festivals he and his wife attend, Brooklyn area resident Rick Shore thought it would be nice to have Nicholas James and the Bandwagon perform in his hometown area.

That will happen Thursday, April 20 at Jerry’s Pub near Brooklyn.

Shore is the curator of The Irish Hills Roots & String Music Series – an 8-night concert series to be spread out throughout 2017. The music series is in its second season.

The reasons for the festival is threefold according to Shore.

“These are bands I want to see in my own backyard; this is music you can’t hear all of the time; and it is a fundraiser for the Brooklyn Food Pantry,” Shore said.

Before you think this is just an excuse for Shore and his wife Robyn to see their favorite band locally, the series raised more than $2,500 for the food pantry in seven dates last year.

“We pay the artist first and the leftover money goes to the food pantry,” Shore said. “Jerry’s Pub donates the space and pays for the sound man.”


The Shores saw more than 100 acts as part of their musical excursion in 2015. They attended festivals in Colorado, Ohio and Michigan. Rick said it is hard to explain the music he is bringing to the area.

“It’s not rock’n’roll and it is not country,” Shore said. “It is music that comes from the historical past . . . American genre . . . folk music.”

Members of the Emergency Bluegrass System performed at Jerry’s Pub Jan. 12. Four more concerts are planned before the “summer break” beginning in June.

The Billy King Band will be performing Feb. 16. King is a local singer-songwriter and Shore says his very talented friends will attend.

Nessa – a Celtic fusion for a little post-St. Patrick’s Day treat – will be performing March 23.

Nicholas James and the Bandwagon will be at Jerry’s Pub April 20. Shore says this band is a celebration of life, liberty and the pursuit of extreme happiness.

The first half of the concert series will feature Jive Colossus May 18. The band features a 10-piece horn driven funk sound, dance party.

Tickets are $15 for the performances and Shore encourages people to come to dinner and then see the show. Dinner guests are encouraged to get there by 6 p.m. with music starting at 7:30 p.m.

For more information, contact Shore at 517-206-6785.


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