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A cement plant that was first proposed in 1900 by W.J. Cowham of Jackson gave the village of Woodstock an entirely new identity, and the name of the small town was changed in 1901 to Cement City. The mud beds of Goose Lake provided the necessary material for cement and the factory, which has since been razed and was the first all-electrical plant in the United States.


Photos Courtesy Lenawee County Historical Museum archives


Many people who grew up in Cement City tell stories of playing around the plant after it was abandoned.

However, there is not a lot of published material about the plant itself, especially from anyone who may have worked there. If you know someone, or are a relative of someone who worked at the plant, contact Matt Schepeler at or call 592-2122 Wednesdays through Fridays. We would like to share their stories.


From Woodstock to Cement City



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