Napoleon valedictorian to become a veterinarian


Hannah Wyne credits ‘really good friends’ as part of her success.

By John Hummer

Hannah Wyne, Napoleon High School’s valedictorian, has an innate love for animals. To pursue her dream of working with animals, she will begin her studies towards a pre-veterinary degree at Michigan State University this fall and then go on to graduate school to become a veterinarian.

The new Spartan has earned a place in the Honors College at Michigan State University through her academic achievements during high school.

The daughter of Greg and Jenni Wyne, she grew up a stone’s throw from Norvell, Mich.

Hannah has two siblings – one older brother and one younger brother, both four years apart from her. Her family has a dog named Charlie and a cat named Casper.

When asked what helped prepare her for college the most, Hannah said, “I’ve had really good friends that have always been a good example for me and good influences on me. They were one of my favorite parts of high school. They are part of the reason why I’m successful.”

In addition to friends, she mentioned a couple teachers that have been especially influential during the course of her school years, including her kindergarten through second-grade teacher, Kathy Dalton.

“She was a really good teacher,” Hannah said. “She wasn’t super easy on us, but she made us work hard and I think that set me up for success.”

Hannah also pointed to her world history and British literature teacher at Napoleon High School, Kirstin Genthner, as one of those special teachers.

“I like her teaching style – she’s always helpful.”

A third teacher that had a profound effect on Hannah’s education was Craig Booher, her advanced placement U.S. and European history, and government teacher. One of Booher’s specialties is cooking. He invites his classes to his country home for home-cooked ethnic dinners while conducting study sessions for his AP coursework.

Outside of the classroom, Hannah was a member of the Student Council all four years of high school and National Honor Society as a junior and senior. To gain experience in the workplace, she held down a part-time job as a worm sorter at Knutson’s Sporting Goods after school. She was also in band her freshman year and during middle school.

“These activities have built my character and have taught me to be hardworking and helpful,” she said. “They have taught me responsibility and a good work ethic and have also built my communication and teamwork skills. My extracurriculars have prepared me for my post-high school experiences by teaching me important skills.”

As to her recipe for success, Hannah said, “I’ve always told myself ‘you get out of it what you put into it.’ I do good when I put work into it.” With a 4.045 GPA, it is quite apparent she put “just a little bit” of work into it.


Napoleon High School
Class of 2018 Top Ten


Hannah Elizabeth Wyne – GPA 4.045

Kira Leigh Davis – GPA 4.027

Mary Grace Lusebrink – GPA 4.025

Carly Anne Hummer – GPA 4.016

AnnaMarie Ruth Timm – GPA 3.99

Gabriel Tim Heselschwerdt – GPA 3.965

Emily Sue DeLand – GPA 3.914

Seth Todd Gallup – GPA 3.899

Marie Xia Misener – GPA 3.893

Lauren Chloe Ann Doerr – GPA 3.889


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