Onsted valedictorian to pursue aerospace engineering


Gage Bergman fascinated by space travel

By John Hummer

Gage Bergman, the Onsted High School valedictorian, has his eyes affixed on space. He plans to attend the University of Michigan in the fall to study aerospace engineering.

“After college, my main goal is to help produce something or contribute to something really meaningful to the world,” he said. “Space travel has always been a big fascination of mine and I hope to one day contribute something to that field.”

 The son of Gary and Amy Bergman, the past 12 years his family has lived in Adrian, Mich. Prior to that, they lived in Tecumseh.

Gage is an only child, but his family has had “a bunch of dogs and a few cats” throughout his childhood, he said.

Gage attended Onsted Community Schools as a school-of-choice family decision.

“My parents picked Onsted when we first moved [to Adrian] because they heard a lot of good things about the district,” he said.

As far as any teachers that really made a big difference in his education, Gage spread the praise widely among the Onsted faculty.

“I’d love to mention them all if I could because I really think that our teachers are so important to our society,” he said.

Narrowing down the field, he cited Michelle McLemore who teaches English and psychology and Josh Wonders who teaches science at Onsted High School as two that stood out.

“Both of them really helped to mold me into a better person by teaching me a good work ethic and exposing me to new styles of teaching that I might not have originally agreed with. They taught me a lot about what it’s going to be like in the real world.”

Becoming valedictorian was never really a goal of his, Gage said.

“I put a lot of effort into taking my education seriously. I always put in the hours. It was really a combination of work ethic and making sure I was doing the right thing to further my education.”

Outside the classroom, Gage was a member of the Boy Scouts of America Troop #637 and plans to become an Eagle Scout this summer. He was also a member of the boys’ golf team at Onsted.

“I’ve always loved playing golf,” he said.


Onsted High School
Class of 2018 Top Ten


Gage Bergman – GPA 4.193

Julee Kidder – GPA 4.156

Jarret Nighswander – GPA 4.106

Kourtney Keranen – GPA 4.104

Matthew Doyle – GPA 4.080

Patrick Doyle – GPA 4.080

Kamryn Warner – GPA 4.080

Mackenzie Johncox – GPA 4.073

Lauren Reichel – GPA 4.053

Alexandra Lewin – GPA 4.048


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