Pupsicle 500 goes on despite the weather


You can’t keep a good dog down. That is the mentality that turns mere mutts into purebreds, and it was on full display at Jerry’s Pub last week for the annual Pupsicle 500.

The annual dog sled contest appeared doomed by casual onlookers who might underestimate the power of the puppy. Wamplers Lake was wide open, meaning that the dog sled track in front of the lake’s favorite pub and eatery was in liquid form . . . which is not conducive to a puppys-pulling-dogsleds.

IMG_0842 IMG_0880  IMG_0701

Not to be deterred, officials took off the sleds from the sleighs and put on wheels…meaning that the crowd could once again race their favorite canines against the clock and each other.

“We raised $130 for the Lenawee Humane Society,” said B. J. Andonian.

The winners were Scout owned by James Roumell, who took first place; G owned by Brian Lambright, who took second; and Duke, whose owner we only know as Drew.



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