People helping people

Sisters in stitches


Story and photos by Matt Schepeler
The Miller sisters have been enjoying each other’s company while making some heart – and leg – warming gifts.

Connie Jackson


Even though it is high summer, Linda Bula, Diana Adams, Connie Jackson and Libby Wolfe, who grew up in the Cement City area, have been planning ahead and making quilts that will be given to veterans’ organizations, the Interfaith Shelter, the AWARE Shelter and other organizations that can always use a warming quilt.
“I have got all this fabric, and I have people giving me totes and totes of fabric all the time, and I said ‘I can’t just let this stuff sit here.’ So I called Linda (Bula) and said ‘How would you like to come and make quilts with me?’ She said ‘OK, why don’t we call Diana and Connie and we all can come?’”

From left: Linda Bula, Diana Adams, Connie Jackson and Libby Wolfe have been busy sewing quilts that are to be given to veterans, wheel-chair bound people, the Interfaith Shelter, the AWARE Shelter and Social Services for children who have been taken away from their parents.

The three women brought their sewing machines to Wolfe’s house on Silver Lake Highway and turned her living room into a quilt-making factory.
It doesn’t hurt that Libby, whose home they took over, is a good cook, said Linda, the oldest sister and self-described boss.
“They call me a slave driver,” said Linda.
The women set up an assembly line of material and sewing machines, and they hope to make 50 or more works of art in the four days they were intensely focusing on the project.
They are making a variety of quilts, from those with a patriotic flavor to those designed for children to those that are a hodgepodge.
“We have discussed some silly stuff and we’ve had some good laughs. It has been good for us,” said Linda.

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