Special thanks to our heroes



You may think we don’t see.

You may think we don’t appreciate it when you crawl out of your warm bed on a bitter cold night to battle a fire.

You may think we don’t understand the difficulty you sometimes endure, having seen horrific things that can’t be “unseen.”

You may think we don’t know about the hours and hours of training you go through, or the red tape you must deal with, in order to serve your neighbors.


You may think we don’t understand the strain that your dedication to the community can put on your relationships and your families.

You may think we don’t know about the occasional “firehouse politics” that inevitably pop up, or the abuse you may take when you have to stop traffic, or the patience you must sometimes practice when covering events at MIS and in the community.

And the truth is, you are right…

Watch the video here!

We cannot fully understand what you go through.
But we want every member of the Cambridge Fire Department to know this: We truly appreciate you. We know that your service makes our community a better place to live, and we are grateful.
So thank you for all you do. We do not understand all of the difficulties that being a firefighter or emergency responder entails. All we know is that when we call 9-1-1, we can depend on you.

The staff at Hubbard Auto Repair and Part Center

The staff at D & D Auto Group

The staff at the Brooklyn Exponent

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