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When you think of great quarterbacks you think of names like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Little is known about the other quarterback on the team, the player that controls the offensive line, the center is often recognized as the other quarterback on the team. At Onsted High School that special player is Justin Floer.

The Onsted offense runs through number 64. Justin calls the blocking schemes for the Onsted offensive line. Justin is also the key player to calling pass protection for the Onsted Quarterback. The most challenging position on the Onsted offense is right in the center.

Justin is a senior and has played organized football since he was a child. According to Onsted Head Football Coach Dan Terryberry “Justin has been center for the team for the past two years.” The experience Justin has earned over the past two seasons will give the team an edge going into his senior year.

Coach Terryberry speaks of Justin’s leadership when he says “he has been a dedicated worker in the offseason making the most of his talents.” “Justin has run offseason workouts when the coach could not be there.”

Justin is no stranger to leading in the classroom. “He is a great student and has high expectations for himself.” Coach Terryberry went on to say “he has a 3.94 GPA and is in the National Honor Society and Onsted Academic Club.”

Justin is a leader both on and off the field. The dedication that he has put into football is the same dedication he has put into his academic career at Onsted High. Coach Terryberry also notes that “Justin has been in Youth in Government since the eighth grade.”

Don’t be surprised if you hear the name of Justin Floer in the news in the years to come. With such discipline and leadership number 64 may soon become a leading attorney or prominent political figure.

It is no surprise that Justin Floer plays one of the toughest positions on the field. He has stepped up to the challenge academically and athletically. We don’t know where Justin plans to attend college, but there will be a special place for him next year wherever he decides to attend college.

The Brooklyn Exponent congratulates Justin Floer as our Student-Athlete of the Week.

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