Throwback Thursday


 Do you have a story to tell? Does someone you know have a treasure-trove of living history that needs to be shared? We are looking for stories from every day people that highlight the places, events and history of our communities. Contact Matt Schepeler at or call 592-2122 Wednesdays through Fridays, along with a brief explanation and contact information.



Onsted’s board of education purchased eight new instruments for the band in 1967. Displaying the new instruments are (left to right, in back) Dave Nelson, Charlie VanSickle and Dave Bowers. In front are Sherry Richardson, Judy Perry, Sue Sparrow and Sue Paige.


Remembering 1967 – leafing through old Exponents can turn minutes into hours, as it is easy to get caught up in the way things used to be. 1967 was the beginning of a polarizing time in the country, but it seems that life in Brooklyn and the Irish Hills was still relatively quiet. One thing that pops out is the number of servicemen headed for Vietnam. Another is that while we are fortunate to have great resources here, it is the people that make this such a great place to live.


Jim Knutson has a long history of conservation in the community. This photo from April of 1967 shows him about to release a female northern pike into a flooded marsh as part of a planting program. Forty years later, Knutson is still at it.

Other clippings from 1967:






















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