Throwback Thursday


The 1973-74 Columbia Central junior High School chess team consisted of, front row: Chuck Turk and Tim Heiks. Second row: Larry Muck, Bud Patterson, Jay Trammel, Kathie Weatherwax, Tim Gonder and Ralph Hubbs. In back are Bob Wahr and Mr. Shoemaker. So who was the best chess player? I couldn’t venture to guess, but they were all pretty good students.


We are guessing this photo of the west side of Brooklyn’s town square was taken in the 1920’s. It looks like the building on the far right eventually became Closet Overload…? Lewis’ Boulevard garage eventually was located next to it. In the back of the photo is the steeple to the old Baptist church on Julian Street, before they relocated to Mill Stree. The middle buildings in this photo are the same as today.

This photo of John and Ada Dalton is from 1942. John later went on to become a judge, while Ada eventually became Norvell Township Supervisor, among other things. The sentence “Both stand high in the regard of the community” was certainly true.

Since we are sharing junior high photos, this is the archery team from ’73-’74. They are first row: Larry Muck (Larry must have been busy that year) Sam Tilden, Tony Powers and Ron Carrino. In the second row are Frank Kovacs, Mark Bachman, Todd Sherrard and Kim Sherrard. In back is Mr. Shoemaker.

The Exponent was always a patriotic publication and often features soldiers and sailors on the front page. Above is Robert Arnold of Norvell, who was home on leave after completing basic training. The photo is from 1942.


  1. Sandi Paul

    March 22, 2018 at 11:06 am

    Unlike most papers, you’ll find yourself really enjoying the articles in this and beneficial information. That is why one reason people subscribe to it even when they are out of state! It is a great paper and family-owned.
    Thank you Matt Schepeler, wife Renay Schepeler, and all those who work hard at the Exponent.

  2. Candy Boschard

    March 24, 2018 at 2:07 pm

    Thank you for the memories Matt! Brings back memories of waiting up front in the glass lobby at the junior high.

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