Two dead, power outage darkens community



Last week’s wind storm left residents scrambling for generators and business owners shutting their doors in the wake of widespread power outages from downed power lines.

In Leoni township, two people are dead from what authorities believe was carbon monoxide poisoning from running a generator indoors (for more details on this story pick up an Exponent today).

Columbia Fire Chief Scott Cota noted that while emergency crews were busy, local agencies worked closely together. “I am glad they [the Brooklyn DPW] have my back,” said Cota to the Brooklyn council Monday night. He said that he had never seen anything like the wind storm in this area, which knocked down trees and wreaked havoc on fences, signs, houses and outbuildings.

Brooklyn’s power was restored in phases, and finally reached full strength Saturday night. But before it was on, Brooklyn residents got a taste of what the town looks like in a blackout.

“It can be eerie,” said DPW supervisor Keith Kotsch. ILoveMyExponent

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