Vandals sought in property damage



Vandals sought in property damage

Napoleon Township Police are looking for the person or persons responsible for trashing this 1995 Honda Passport as well as slashing the seats of a pontoon at the same Napoleon Township address near Ackerson Lake.

Owner Kyle DeMay said that the incident occurred about three weeks ago. “We parked it out back of the property since we are short on yard space,” he said. “It belongs to my cousin. He was waiting for a break in the weather to replace the fuel pump. It is destroyed inside and out,” he said, adding that the vandals scratched the words “Ho Bait” across the auto body.

The raft is a 1981 san pan. “We had just replaced the vinyl on the seats last year and with the labor included we had about $700 in the seating.

DeMay added that last summer his mother’s car was stolen from a nearby residence and demolished behind a home on Benton road.

“It is hard to get a good night sleep around here anymore. If anyone wants to help me organize a watch dog group they can email me at, he said.

Anyone with information regarding the case is asked to contact the Napoleon Township Police Department at 536-4487 ext. 226.


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