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By Matt Schepeler


Local author Randy Andrews has written a gem, and he would like residents to take a minute to enjoy it.

Andrews penned a short story titled Jackpot in which a university professor attempts to send winning lottery numbers to himself back in time.

Andrews’ short story – Jackpot is around 3,000 words long – centers around a gift from a graduate assistant as well as messaging through time and the implications that come with such a power.


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Anyone wanting to read the story can do so at, then cast a vote for their favorite story. “I would be grateful for any help I can get,” he said.

Andrews is no rookie when it comes to writing. He has self-published two science fiction novels, but says writing short stories can be a nice change of pace.

“I love it. And I found this competition for Michigan online, and so I went ahead and entered,” he said. He has since been listed as one of ten semi-finalists in the adult writers’ category.

Andrews is a 1997 graduate of Columbia Central High School and went on to get his bachelor’s degree in biology from Central Michigan University.


Randy Andrews, above, with a friend perched on his shoulder, has entered a short story that he hopes area readers will vote for at



If he looks familiar, it could be because he has worked at the Brooklyn Big Boy for the past 20 years waiting tables. He notes that the job allows him time to write in the morning, and says he enjoys the people. “The customers that I wait on I have known for decades,” he said.

It is also possible that Exponent readers have seen Andrews’ photo in the paper or online, feeding a black capped chickadee or other small songbirds by hand, as he is an avid birder.

Take a few minutes and read Jackpot, and if you enjoy it, vote.

The contest goes through January 31.


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